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How does the Center for Precision Industry help the local economic region?

  • The Center for Precision Industry, in the St.Gallen BodenseeArea, significantly advances and promotes the bordering region of Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein around Lake Constance (Bodensee) as a leading site for precision technology.
  • The Center amplifies a “cluster effect” in the Alpenrheintal region: companies appreciate the proximity of and the exchange with complementary businesses, the NTB university, and other institutions of higher education.
  • In particular, the Center creates an infrastructure high in demand by the majority of companies in the Alpenrheintal: shared facilities for research and business meetings, show rooms, child care and leisure activities of employees.

  • The Center for Precision Industry is a great opportunity to communicate the overall quality of the area’s outstanding business climate to audiences beyond the Alpenrheintal region.
Source: Techfabrik Grabs / Web Professionals,

What further details are currently known about the Center for Precision Industry, when will construction start?

The Center for Precision Industry relies on a novel approach. Chartering this new territory, the project task force proceeds systematically and diligently:

  • On the basis of a planning draft and several commissioned area development studies, the task force is currently identifying market needs about how to utilize the Center in the best possible way.
  • Once the collection of data is complete, the task force will proceed to detailed planning and building of the Center for Precision Industry.

Which sectors are considered part of the precision technology industry?

  • Generally speaking, the precision technology cluster includes precision mechanics and manufacturing, materials engineering, electrical and power engineering, optics and electronics.
  • Precision technologies are a key industry in the tech sector of St.GallenBodenseeArea. Their share of the regional economy is twice the Swiss average.
  • Regional research institutes and educational institutions are heavily invested in the discipline of precision technology.

How is the Center for Precision Industry different from an innovation park or a technology center?

  • National innovation parks are primarily geared towards the research departments of international companies. By contrast, the Center for Precision Industry’s offering addresses the needs of all kinds of companies and startups.
  • Technology and incubators are focusing on startups predominantly looking for technology transfer options. Conversely, the Center for Precision Industry is closer to the real market with a service offering designed for companies at any development stage.